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Christopher Kontoes | 06/03/15

Don't let the transmission slip on your Mercedes E350 Cabriolet without bringing it in for a check up. If your gears and making noise that sounds like your linkage, let us take a look at it for you.

Amy Marquitz | 06/01/15

When your alternator is acting up, we can replace it for you.

Carolyn Gorden | 05/31/15

Our mechanics are experts when it comes to 7 series BMW repair.

Caroline Wolf | 05/30/15

Don't let transmission problems put you or your family in danger. Be sure all of your cars are running in the best shape possible.

Atkinson Family | 05/30/15

Whether you drive a v-8 or a hybrid, we can take care of all your auto repairs. Don't let your oil change go by and drive on dirty oil and clogged filters.

Carolyn Broullon | 05/29/15

If the heater in your car isn't working, bring it in for service.

Dawn Holloway | 05/27/15

We offer excellent service for BMW, Mercedes and Mini Coopers, as well as the new Smart Car.

Claudine Rad | 05/25/15

You can trust your foreign car to us no matter what repairs you need.

Amy Thompson | 05/24/15

No matter what year your Mercedes might be, we have experienced mechanics who can handle it.

Carolyn Karnes | 05/23/15

When you need front end work on your Mercedes, call for an appointment at our auto shop.

Helen Quilty | 05/21/15

Electrical failure in your BMW can be caused by many different things.

Gary France | 05/20/15

You don't need to be an auto mechanic when you bring your Mini Cooper in to our auto repair shop. Transmission service on your BMW, Mercedes, Smart Car or Mini Cooper is easy for us.

Constantyn Koeman | 05/19/15

We have expert mechanics who can take good care of your BMW 3 Series Sedan.

Ann Dempsey | 05/18/15

We can take care of alternators and starters and everything in between. We are a family owned business that's been in the same location for 35 years.

Cary Bradford | 05/17/15

Our experienced mechanics can take care of your car, inside and out. We are an auto body shop that can take care of repairs and maintenance on foreign cars.

Anne Somerville | 05/15/15

Oil changes and filter replacements are part of the standard maintenance service we offer.

Guy Rinker | 05/13/15

Every car has a different electrical system and we can fix them all.

Christopher Hodges | 05/12/15

When you hear a knocking sound coming from your engine, it's time to bring it in for service.

Ann Dinofsky | 05/12/15

When you need vehicle repair on your Smart Car, give us a call.

Aura Polanco | 05/11/15

Whether you need an oil change for your 3 Series BMW Repair or a front end alignment and bmw 325 repair work, we can do it for you. Our service technicians are experienced in both regular engines as well has hybrids.

Carolyn Hilton | 05/11/15

We will be happy to give you a car repair quote before we do any work on your vehicle.

Adam Young | 05/11/15

If you are the proud owner of a Beemer, you know how important regular maintenance can be.

Ali Kenneson | 05/09/15

Our staff is experienced in bmw 750 repair and bmw 540 repair, as well as all models of Mercedes Benz.

Ann Scott | 05/08/15

When you are having trouble getting your windows up and down, we can check them out for you.

Dan Christiansen | 05/07/15

We can do a computerized diagnosis on your Smart Car and let you know how much repairs will be.

Eilleen Ramos | 05/07/15

We will be happy to pick you up when your BMW is ready.

Chancho Canter | 05/05/15

Don't get caught in the heat without a working air conditioner.

Emily Pressley | 05/03/15

We are experts when it comes to repairing German automobiles.

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