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F Valencia | 02/24/15

We have expert mechanics who can take good care of your BMW 3 Series Sedan.

Adrianne Appling | 02/22/15

Whether you drive a few hundred miles a month or a few thousand miles, we can take care of the maintenance on all your cars. Every car has a different electrical system and we can fix them all.

Carmelo Echevarria | 02/22/15

Whether you drive a v-8 or a hybrid, we can take care of all your auto repairs.

Irma Moreno | 02/20/15

If the windshield wipers on your Smart Car are warn out, we can replace them for you.

Adam Woodward | 02/19/15

For BMW owners who have been in a car accident, we can take care of all the repairs, including body work for you.

Charlene Gineo | 02/17/15

We are a family owned business that's been in the same location for 35 years.

Heather Brueggeman | 02/15/15

When it comes to 5 Series BMW repair and maintenance, our mechanics are experts.

Atkinson Family | 02/14/15

Regular maintenance on your car is very important.

Amy Burris | 02/13/15

We can replace all your pumps and hoses to be sure your vehicle is running smoothly.

Cindy Richards | 02/11/15

If you're lucky enough to drive a BMW Z4 Coupe, be sure to bring it in for regular maintenance.

Angie Ramirez | 02/10/15

We have certified technicians who are trained on foreign car repairs.

Jack Copeland | 02/09/15

We are an auto body shop that can take care of repairs and maintenance on foreign cars. If the electrical system in your BMW 650i is causing problems, call for an appointment.

Beth Dominguez | 02/08/15

You can trust your foreign car to us no matter what repairs you need.

Chris Pfaff | 02/06/15

If your gears and making noise that sounds like your linkage, let us take a look at it for you.

David Roeder | 02/06/15

If someone has run into the passenger side door, we can repair or replace it for you.

Aimee Nelson | 02/04/15

If you get stalled because the starter on your Beemer is acting up, we will be happy to replace it for you.

Derek Nelson | 02/04/15

We offer excellent service for BMW, Mercedes and Mini Coopers, as well as the new Smart Car.

Charles Grimes | 02/04/15

When you need someone to fix your car, call on us.

Heather Carroll | 02/02/15

Before you go on a road trip, bring your car in so we can check it over for you. We offer the best prices on regular auto maintenance services.

Allison Owen | 01/31/15

We can take care of all the repairs you need on your Mini Cooper or Smart Car.

Clare Pedersen | 01/31/15

Our excellent customer service and experienced auto mechanics make us the best auto repair shop in town.

Cranmer Family | 01/31/15

When you need a complete tuneup on your Mercedes coupe, bring it in to us.

Diane Oliver | 01/31/15

Bring in your Mini Cooper whenever you need a headlight replaced.

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