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Agnes Nordstorm | 05/21/15

If the heater in your car isn't working, bring it in for service.

Amy Barrett | 05/19/15

If your Mercedes GLK is acting up, we can do a diagnostic test on it for you. Mercedes Benz is a car most people would love to own.

Ginia Magers | 05/17/15

If your Mini Cooper or Smart Car needs a tune up, bring it in to our experienced mechanics.

Cristina Rendon | 05/15/15

Bring in your Mini Cooper whenever you need a headlight replaced.

Harry Osborne | 05/13/15

Be sure everyone in your family has the phone number to our auto repair shop in case they ever have any issues.

Gina Woods | 05/12/15

We will be happy to give you a free air conditioning checkup on your BMW 3 Series Coupe.

Heather Rejman | 05/12/15

If you have kids who drive, be sure all your cars are kept in the best working order.

Evon Holladay | 05/11/15

We can recharge the Freon in your Mercedes air conditioning system for you.

Igor Kocherovsky | 05/10/15

Whether you drive a few hundred miles a month or a few thousand miles, we can take care of the maintenance on all your cars.

Beth Wright | 05/10/15

When we do local car repairs and body work, your car will look like brand new when we're done.

Charmene Sanchez | 05/08/15

When it comes to BMW 525 repair, we have experts that can practically take your car apart and put it back together again.

Heath Sartini | 05/07/15

You can trust your foreign car to us no matter what repairs you need. When the check engine light goes on, give us a call for an appointment.

Caroline Jenkins | 05/06/15

If you need an R12 system retrofit, give us a call.

Cindy Richards | 05/06/15

We can check your brakes, your steering fluids and balance your tires before you take the family on vacation.

Diana Patton | 05/05/15

Before you go on a road trip, bring your car in so we can check it over for you.

Diane Miller | 05/05/15

We will be happy to pick you up when your BMW is ready. When you need a Mercedes Benz mechanic, give us a call.

Brittany Huck | 05/03/15

If you are the proud owner of a Beemer, you know how important regular maintenance can be. If someone has run into the passenger side door, we can repair or replace it for you.

Heidi Roberts | 05/01/15

Don't wait until you have a huge problem to bring your car in for repairs.

Cory Johnson | 05/01/15

Be sure all of your cars are running in the best shape possible.

Christopher Hillier | 05/01/15

We can do a computerized diagnosis on your Smart Car and let you know how much repairs will be.

Chris Pfaff | 04/30/15

We have the experience of 35 years in the auto repair business.

Chris Simiele | 04/30/15

We will diagnose the problems with our computerized system and fix your car properly.

Gillian Bucceri | 04/30/15

We can take care of the heating and cooling in your car.

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