Auto Repair Orange County

Erin Brehme | 07/29/15

Our service technicians are experienced in both regular engines as well has hybrids. Our experienced mechanics can take care of your car, inside and out.

Becky Redlin | 07/27/15

Don't let transmission problems put you or your family in danger. We can take care of all the regular maintenance on your Mercedes Benz for you.

Chancho Canter | 07/26/15

We will be happy to give you a free air conditioning checkup on your BMW 3 Series Coupe.

Adrianne Appling | 07/24/15

We will be happy to give you a car repair quote before we do any work on your vehicle. Be sure you don't ignore warning signs that your car is in need of repairs.

Evan Cooper | 07/23/15

If you're lucky enough to drive a BMW Z4 Coupe, be sure to bring it in for regular maintenance.

Harry Osborne | 07/22/15

When your alternator is acting up, we can replace it for you. When the check engine light goes on, give us a call for an appointment.

Dawn Angove | 07/20/15

You don't need to be an auto mechanic when you bring your Mini Cooper in to our auto repair shop.

Constantyn Koeman | 07/18/15

We offer excellent service for BMW, Mercedes and Mini Coopers, as well as the new Smart Car. Whether you drive a v-8 or a hybrid, we can take care of all your auto repairs.

Dayna Polka | 07/18/15

We have certified technicians who are trained on foreign car repairs.

Anna Cosover | 07/18/15

You can trust your foreign car to us no matter what repairs you need.

Doug Dolginow | 07/17/15

Our computer can diagnose problems and indicate the type of bmw 325 repair you need.

Carolyn Mckenzie | 07/17/15

If the convertible top on your Mercedes SLK is stuck down, we can fix it for you.

Christopher Noe | 07/15/15

Beware of cheap auto repair shops with inexperienced mechanics.

Carolyn Weber | 07/13/15

We have the experience of 35 years in the auto repair business.

Angie Ramirez | 07/12/15

Our experienced BMW mechanics can take care of regular maintenance as well as any body work you need done. Our staff is experienced in bmw 750 repair and bmw 540 repair, as well as all models of Mercedes Benz.

Edwin Noon | 07/12/15

If the windshield wipers on your Smart Car are warn out, we can replace them for you.

Brittany Thibert | 07/12/15

If your Mercedes GLK is acting up, we can do a diagnostic test on it for you.

Charles Walker | 07/12/15

Whether you need an oil change for your 3 Series BMW Repair or a front end alignment and bmw 325 repair work, we can do it for you.

Ballmann Family | 07/10/15

Lucky BMW Z4 Roadster owners know how important regular maintenance is.

David Resk | 07/08/15

If the heater in your car isn't working, bring it in for service.

Gary Woodsmall | 07/08/15

We can flush your power steering and change all the fluids in your Smart Car when you bring it in for regular maintenance. We are experts when it comes to repairing German automobiles.

Heather Trumpy | 07/07/15

We can check your brakes, your steering fluids and balance your tires before you take the family on vacation. Transmission service on your BMW, Mercedes, Smart Car or Mini Cooper is easy for us.

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